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Day 1: Jessup's In Haiti!

Updated: May 14, 2018

From left to right: Marneshia, Nanhee, Kaylah, Matthew, Dorie, Cheyenne, Oksana, John, Emma, Jessica, Lauren

We've arrived. We're on the ground. We are officially in Haiti! I am so proud of this team of students, staff and volunteers that are pioneering Jessup's Haiti Travel Study program. While I have been working in Haiti for years, doing both missions work and marine biology, none of this team has been here before. Most have never been on a global missions trip, and a couple have never been out of the country. They followed a dream and a call to be part of this experience, sacrificed and worked to get here, and now are beginning some incredible work in environmental research, science education, and medical missions.

Please pray for: (from left to right in photo above) Marneshia Hart, Nanhee Kim, Kaylah Hansen, Matthew Klauer, Dorie Harrison, Cheyenne Fisher, Oksana Fayek, John Richert (Instructor), Emma Herron, Jessica Simmons, Lauren Pors

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