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Haiti Kayak Eco-Mission

I'm back in Haiti to work with Deep River Mission and develop our marine biology class. After offering our first science experiences and excursions nearly two years ago, DRM took the lead to recruit ten high schoolers from the community, purchase kayaks, and begin Saturday marine biology classes. Political issues this Fall caused some challenges with the school system which now is requiring kids to attend class on Saturdays, but the ten students have been faithful.

Last month DRM purchased inflatable kayaks to go with our inflatable paddleboards and enable excursions into the local mangrove system. We didn't let the rain stop us, and we navigated narrow channels and twisting waterways to emerge on the Cap-Haitien Bay. We even located a small beach which will make a nice turnarounds. We have identified this beach as the first site of a beach cleanup, which will begin in the next month.

Our excursion was also a collecting trip, enabling us to spend afternoon class time looking at mangrove roots, seeds and leaves as well as some mangrove fauna such as oysters, barnacles, fiddler crabs and clams. A great start to our growing marine biology program!

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