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Day 22: Mission Complete!

As we pack our bags and head home today, it is difficult to put this trip into words. We can be nothing but thankful to God for His favor throughout this trips. We went three weeks without so much as a hiccup to our travel plans, no significant health issues, and an extremely productive time of research, study and transformational experiences. I cannot explain it except God's guidance, provision and protection. We have paved the way for the future of Jessup in Haiti. It will take time for our students to reflect upon this time, but I know it has been transformational. My prayer is that this experience continues to transform the lives and careers of our students, and perhaps even those that they share their stories with. Thanks to God for His blessings. Thanks to my students for their great work and attitudes throughout the trip. Thanks to our families for sending us on this adventure. Thanks to the staff that played a huge part in the success of this trip. And thanks to WJU for their belief in this vision and their support of my leadership.

But for now, my part is done. One final picture to summarize the peace, fulfillment and satisfaction ( and perhaps the tiredness) I am feeling:

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