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Fritzner College Update

In January 2017 my family welcomed Fritzlin Joseph into our home. We first met Fritzner while we served in Haiti at Danitas Children. We sponsored Fritzner as a teenager, and when he graduated high school we helped him get to California and begin his college journey. This is his story...

My name is Fritzlin Joseph, and I am from Haiti. I grew up in an orphanage called Danita’s Children where I lived for 17 years, learning the love and the words of God. I lost both of my parents, but God put me in an orphanage where I met a lot of people that became my family. God had been with me in the beginning of my life by putting me in a place where there were people that cared for me, loved me, and pointed me to God’s plan for my life.

I am the first one from my family to finish High School and attempt to go to college. When I graduated high school in Haiti, I was blessed with the opportunity to come to California for college. I met John and Garricyn Richert and their kids, Kendall, Maddox, Shayne and Larkin when they visited Danita’s Children. They invited me to come live with them and begin community college. Being in the Richert family is one of the best thing that ever happen to me - a loving family that is guiding me in every step-in life. Living in the Richert family, God has put John in my life to help me with the vision he assigns me to do.

I have completed the past three semesters in Woodland Community College to get the general studies in hopes of obtaining a four-year university degree. I want to get a bachelor’s degree in public policy and study international relations. I want to go back to my country after I graduate and use the leadership skill I received to help bring change in Haiti. My country is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, people are dying from hunger, and disease every day, and I want to be an example to the young generation in Haiti.

I write you this letter because God has opened another door for me. I have been accepted by William Jessup University WJU is a Christian University in northern California that prepares their students with great leadership skills and helps them with their faith with God while preparing them for a career. My whole life is to be a world changer, not only by receiving a great education but also to have God in the center of everything. At WJU I will be able to get a Public Policy degree and also a minor in Bible, and they are already sending people down to my home country to help save the environment and help save lives. I want to go to William Jessup to be part of this mission every summer, and develop my own plan in the vision God has for me. My two primaries goals are to help bring new policy that will help bring change in my country, and to build a community center where kids can come out after they get out of school to play and to teach them the love of God.

God has blessed me with half scholarship from WJU, but I still need some support to attend and live on campus. I am going to be working 20 hours/week and applying for scholarships. But right now, I need some help to continue the journey God has me on. I need to raise $4,000 to attend William Jessup University in the Fall semester. Will you consider on helping me reach that amount to go to William Jessup in the Fall semester 2018?

If you desire to support me, you might consider one of the following ways:

  • A one-time gift of $500 or $1,000

  • A one-time gift of $50 or $100

  • A monthly gift of $50 or $100

  • A gift of any amount

  • Praying for me in this journey

You can make a gift by setting up a one-time or recurring monthly gift online at Be sure to mark “ Advanced Education” and include “Fritzlin Joseph” in the comments.

I would be glad to share more of my story and my future hopes and dreams with you. You can contact me by email ( or by phone (530.848.0096)

May God bless you and thank You!!!

Fritzlin Joseph

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