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Day 5: Help and Hope for the Hurting

Today students spent a full day shadowing the doctors at the Hope Health Action hospital. They focused in two departments - physical therapy/rehab and pediatric disabilities. It was certainly eye-opening, and in many ways emotional. But I am proud of the students for getting in there and being a part of bringing health and hope to the hurting. They not only helped doctors and nurses, but they brought a smile to the face of patients.

While our students served at the hospital, a small team went out to one of the fishing community of Madras, where we were able to view some fishermen mending their nets. Nets with small mesh size are one of the major issues impacting Haiti's reefs and fish. Small mesh nets catch small fish as well as large, removing important fish from the reef. The absence of small fish leads to growth of algae over reefs and kills corals. That is why our work to aid management of fisheries is so important to the future of ecosystems and economics of Haiti.

We ended the day with some incredible fun... fish ID lab! Who needs game night when you can complete fish puzzles? Hey, we all have our ideas of fun.

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