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Day 21: Citadelle

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

For our final full day in Haiti, we visited northern Haiti's greatest historical landmark, the Citadelle. The trip was somewhat of a metaphor for this entire trip - a challenging climb with spectacular view along the way. Every one of our students completed the steep walk to get a new view of the Haitian country. Through this trip, I continue to pray that each student knows they are more capable than they think, that they are going great places, and that they have others to depend on in the journey. It has been an incredible privilege to lead this group in these transformational experiences. At night we did a final in-country debrief. There were laughs, tears, reflective thoughts and great quotes. I know that every one of us is returning home with new insights on Haiti and our work, but more importantly on ourselves. That was the goal - a transformational travel study experience. Mission accomplished!

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