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Day 20: Haiti's Heart-Warming Kids

So yesterday was a "fish day", which made my day. Today was a "kid" day, which made the rest of the team's day! One final day with the kids of Haiti. The kids down here can't help but make you smile. We know a lot of the heartbreaking poverty and the great need for food, healthcare and education, but regardless of their state of life, the kids of Haiti are amazing. They never fail to bring a smile our faces. They have such sweetness and joy. From our Deep River community outreaches, to the special needs children of HHA, to the kids we spontaneously played soccer with in the goat-town of Madras, to the amazing children at Danitas, the kids did not break our hearts, but warmed our hearts.

The team began the day with a tour of the Medika Mamba factory. This life-saving peanut butter nutritional supplement is used at Danitas and throughout Haiti. Students got a tour of the property and some tastes of the product. They also were part of an English class for some seventh graders and finished the afternoon with some good old play time. The faces, smiles and memories of these kids will forever remain in our hearts.

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