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Day 17: The Smiles Say It All

Today we were privileged to take the 11th grade class of Danitas Children to the beach. While these kids grow up on a Caribbean island, many have never been to the beach. We took them not only for a day of fun, but a bit of education as well. This 11th grade class was engaged throughout the week as we taught them biology in the classroom, looking at microscopes, talking about ocean life, and learning about the coral reef. So it seems only right that we take them to the reef and let them get their hands wet. For those that we got out to snorkel a truly eye-opening, life-changing experience to look beneath the waves and see the life of a coral reef. I hope to continue this ocean education, that the future of this natural ecosystem will belong to the next generation of Haitian students and leaders. Thank you, Danitas, for allowing us to take your kids on a day of adventure!

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