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Day 12: On to Ouanaminthe

Day 12. Wow... is it really Day 12??? In some ways the trip seems to be flying by, and in other ways we have accomplished, seen and experienced so much already it is hard to believe we are just over half way through our time.

Today was a travel day. That meant one last dive this morning to complete our last transect on Cormier Reef. The dive was followed with a scramble to get packed up, checked out of our hotel, and to the airport where we picked up Dr. David Narita and Dr. Scott Roberts, two WJU professors who will help lead and oversee the next phase of the trip. Dr. Narita got right to work, teaching our students about the malnutrition cases they will see in the pediatric medical clinic.

We are heading to Danitas Children orphanage in Ouanaminthe - a town bordering the Dominican Republic. Danitas is where I got my start in Haiti, making trips over the past 8 years with my church and my family. I encourage you to check out their webpage HERE for a greater look at their amazing work. Danitas Children was started through the faith and obedience of one woman, Danita Estrella, who moved to Haiti, took in ten young orphans, and continue to follow God in faith. Today, we are blessed to be among this movement of God to rescue, love and care for orphans and impoverished children in Haiti. We arrived safely today, and tomorrow we begin the hard work in the pediatric medical clinic. Pray for our students as they serve - for their hearts, their minds and their bodies. They will be changing lives, but I have no doubt they will be changed themselves.

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