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Bluewater Missions is a new initiative seeking to build a network of scientists, educators and missionaries that can make our vision a reality.  Interested in joining the team?  Email John.

John Richert
Founder and PI

John is a professor and a pastor, a marine biologist and a missionary.  He received his Ph.D. as a marine ecologist at UC Davis, where he began his work in the southern Gulf of California.  After pastoring a local church for eleven years and starting a missions program to Haiti, he nows serves as the Lead Faculty of the Biology program at William Jessup University.  His experiences underwater, around the world and among people birthed the vision for Bluewater Missions.  Today he continues to build a network of scientists, educators and missionaries to study marine ecosystems and meet the needs of people.

BWM Team Member

Interested in joining the team? Email John

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